It was two years ago that we began our tryst with sharing our wayfaring experiences with travelling aficionados. The purpose then was to share our “experience” in its entirety – what we saw, what happened to us, what we made happen, what we faced and most of all, what we felt. Our posts reveal it all – the pitfalls, the lows as much as the highs and the practicality of the experience.

And where we can’t, we allow our photos to speak.

Yet, this is not a one-way street. For what we put forth to you through our words and photos, we take away so much more for ourselves.

Want to know why WE travel? Here’s why…

Travelling is not just the process of booking a few tickets, packing a bag and researching a destination. Its not about getting there. Its not just about the journey either. Travelling is also about having “the one” you can travel with.

The one who –

  • knows what it means to you to ‘rough’ it out (travel in trains, buses; travel cheap; travel unplanned)
  • eats the way you do (at shanty roadside eateries; or packs a dessert to be eaten in the hotel room unmindful of the calories)
  • meets people the way you do (tad cautious at first, but friendly once trust has been established)
  • knows what chilling a wine in river water and drinking it to its last drop means to you
  • knows how to lift the branch, or hold your hand, or grab you by your waist as you swing precariously at the edge of a hill trying to take that perfect shot
  • treks with you
  • revels in the excitement of the good shot, the successful ride, the chance to rest after a day of travelling
  • is as keen on exploration as you are
  • will share the last puff of his cigarette with you on a shivery cold evening
  • will go the whole hog with you; climb the hillock, go down the valley, sunbathe on a beach shack or get a tattoo
  • instinctively connects with the needs of your inner being and your madness
  • The reason why WE travel is because we have found love in our travels, and we have found a love to share all of it with.

After two years of this amazing journey, we at Ease India Travel wish you all the same 🙂


  • S says:

    And what do you think of solo travelling? Completely different experience? Better / worse? Something you would do or avoid?

    • TraveLusts says:

      Solo travelling is amazing! Perfect way to discover yourself! A different experience altogether undoubtedly…and it won’t be fair to rate it ‘better’ or ‘worse’… Sometimes its great but sometimes you’d want to share a particular sight with a living being and then it’d fall short.. We’ve done a fair bit of solo also 🙂

  • It is nice indeed to be able to share the travel experience with someone. I still think the love of travel itself and curiosity comes first. And then when you find someone to share it with, it’s even greater. And of course going solo, as S points to, is a different animal…

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