We have an insatiable desire for discovery, of new destinations, new vistas and most of all, for new experiences. We are founded by Ritu, a journalist of 17 years and a mother of two who loves to travel as it has enriched her life in many ways. From the thrill of a bike trip across the Himachal to feelings of accomplishment on completion of an arduous trek, each experience has left its indelible mark on her.

And she loves to share this wealth of her personal travel experiences with those who clamour for adventure, for who travel is more than just sightseeing, and encompasses every thing – new friendships, exposure to new cultures and ways of living, different kinds of cuisine, new learnings and many more.

She calls this ExperienceTravel and we invite all of you to partake in this incredible new way of exploration.


It was in 2011 that Ritu began chronicling her travel experiences in a blog. Ritu’s husband was posted on an assignment abroad, and she needed a break from bringing up the kids single handedly. She took off on an unplanned tour of Bhutan, and ended up falling in love with the country. She went again, and again. Each time, she discovered surprising new places, made new connections and came back with a sense of wanting more.

Ritu then began travelling across India, notably the Kangra valley in Himachal Pradesh and parts of Kerala and Coorg southern India, and wrote about her journeys on her travel blog. Her friends and acquaintances started asking her for suggestions for places to stay and things to do. She informally organised trips for them and went along, using her local contacts to arrange little details that she knew would charm them – picnics by the river, a special piece of music, a particular kind of bottled pickle. Like herself, her tour partners were mostly working professionals looking for a break from their routine lives. They cherished the unusual break and the personal touch.

Soon travelling took up a greater part of her life than journalism. Ritu was making almost eight trips a year besides her two fixed tours to Bhutan. She decided to take the plunge: to make her passion her profession.

She registered Ease India Travel as a company in 2017.

She currently blogs on 40somethingtraveler.com

Our Upcoming Trips


We can help you plan your trip – from itineraries, hotel recommendations and mode of travel recommendations.

We are trekking and hiking enthusiasts and can plan a trip for you at some of the most amazing climbing destinations in India and Bhutan.

We have recently added 7 Royal Enfield Bullets (500 cc) in Bhutan and can plan a motorcycle trip for you across Bhutan.

We call ourselves Kerala and Bhutan specialists.

We are experts at sharing tips and experiences for bike/four wheeler road trips.


There are many reasons why the experience of travelling with us is special and unique and here’s WHY we recommend you Travel With Us….

  We take you to destinations we have ourselves explored. It makes the ‘Experience’ we offer you personal and unique. We call this ExperienceTravel™ and we invite all of you to partake in this incredible new way of exploration!

  We endeavour to give a personal touch and accommodate your wishes (and sometimes even whims) when we travel…

  We love surprising you during the trips – a picnic lunch, a karaoke night or a night of clubbing! To see your happy faces is why we are in this business!

  We don’t cut corners to make a profit. We give you the best in the allocated budget and our guests will vouch for it…

  We are happy making your travel experience unique and memorable. Our ‘offbeat’ and your ‘offbeat’ must somewhere meet and they usually do!

  Most of all, Travel With Us because we believe in the words of Persian Poet Rumi – “Travel brings power and love back into your life!”

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