Kangra Holiday Packages

The package will take travellers through the beautiful and largely virgin Kangra Valley. It starts at McLeod Ganj, also offers a trek to Triund Top and overnight stay in a Guest House or Camp on the peak, and a 4-5 hour hike to Upper Barot Valley, crossing China Pass with overnight camping and a BBQ dinner. The pièce de résistance and highlight of this trip is the two days stay at the quaint 4Rooms Hotel in Gunehar, just off Bir, the hottest paragliding destination in the Himalayas.

Motor Biking through Kangra & Chamba

This is a long adventurous ride starting with a bike rental from Delhi and then just cruising through the picturesque and serene locales of this beautiful Himalayan state.

Triund Trek – Serenity in the Dhauladhars

Triund peak (pronounced by locals thus: Tri – as in trilogy; Und – as in under). it is an eight hour trek (about 7 kms), and a little arduous. The journey begins by cab that takes us from McLG to Dharamkot that is the base for the climb, located right next to the Galu Devi Temple. The journey took us about 30 minutes. The trek path is well laid and is picturesque and the only downside is the discomfiture of climbing over boulders every now and then.

Lahaul-Spiti: Road Trip to a Cold Desert

Yes, on top of our list of places you MUST see will be the twin districts of Lahaul and Spiti, located in Himachal Pradesh, the Himalayan Indian State; and see it on a road trip, in a self-driven vehicle, stopping to soak in the almost rapacious beauty of the landscape – lofty peaks rising above the stark splendour of the cold desert, pristine blue skies and the kind of air you can only dream of breathing in our choking cities.

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Lahaul-Spiti: Road Trip to a Cold Desert

We don’t want to beat about the bush. The drive is treacherous (please take that with all CAPS), almost deadly at times (the drops from cliffs as steep as 4000 metres above sea level), and the roads a complete nightmare (the 2013 monsoon wreaked havoc on the serpentine roads leaving nothing but rubble laden paths in its wake)…  Read more

Maggi Noodles & the Himalayas

The idea for this post came after we saw “Highway”, a Bollywood film, where the lead actor is shown to have taken possession of a hut nestled somewhere in the Himalayas where she finds a pack of Maggi noodles! This yellow noodle pack…  Read more

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It was two years ago that we began our tryst with sharing our wayfaring experiences with travelling aficionados. The purpose then was to share our “experience” in its entirety – what we saw, what happened to us, what we made happen, what we faced and most of all, what we felt.  Read more

Triund Trek – Serenity in the Dhauladhars

The trip to McLeod Ganj (McLG) was a leisure and relaxation trip and the last thing we expected (or wanted) to do was undertake a trek. But the biting cold (about 3-4 degrees Celsius at night) in the early days of December made us want to do “more” than just walk the three important streets…  Read more

Roadtrip to Lahaul-Spiti – The Drive

In October 2013 when we undertook the road trip to the twin valleys of Lahaul and Spiti in Himachal Pradesh, little did we know that the adventure awaiting us would surpass the usual glitches one would expect on a 1700 km journey – of a flat on a highway or a traffic snarl. What we encountered…  Read more

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