Just a tiny drop in the ocean, but from the heart - that is the crux of our philosophy

In keeping with the evangelical work our founder Ritu undertakes (without letting others know, for that is the true spirit of charity), Ease India Travel responded to a call by the Pune based NGO, Hope For the Children Foundation in early July, 2018 when rains lashed the city and temperature dropped significantly, to provide blankets to the children of  Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru Udyog Kendra in Yerwada, Pune

Supporting Arts in a Village

For the past two years, Ease India Travel has been a contributor to ShopArt ArtShop, an endeavour that is the brainchild of maverick chef and arts patron, Frank Schlichtmann.

Frank runs a small café and hotel in Gunehar, a little village just off Bir (India’s most famous paragliding destination) in Himachal Pradesh and is a huge patron of the arts. Ease India Travel salutes and supports his efforts in trying to bring economic prosperity to the village as well as exposing city dwellers to life in the village.

With ShopArt ArtShop and In the Woods, Frank has achieved the aim of giving Indian artists the opportunity to relate to and work on arts in a wholesome manner outside the confines of usual, urban-centric art spaces.

You can see his work here – http://www.shopartshop.com

Contributing to the re-construction of a Monastery in Bhutan

It was in September 2017 that an Instagram handle, amazing_Bhutan put out a request for contribution for the re-construction of a monastery in Dogap, Dorokha, Samtse District, South Bhutan that was wrecked by an earthquake a few years ago. Our founder Ritu jumped at the opportunity.

“I am happy to contribute to Bhutan – to keep its monasteries going – since the good vibes and energy generated from their spiritual masters is what makes the country so endearing,” she said.

The construction of the monastery is almost done.

Supporting NGO in Pune through 2018 Calendar

Hope For the Children Foundation is a NGO based in Pune that works towards the upliftment of children and women from economically deprived sections of the society. Many of the women associated with the NGO are single parents and HIV positive as well.

In order to support HFCF, Ease India Travel decided to purchase their annual calendars for distribution amongst their clients and well wishers. It was a humble contribution towards the larger cause.

Spreading Smiles

Saurabh Sabikhi is an advertising professional by day and a travel aficionado by passion. Through his travels across the world, notably Spiti valley in Himachal Pradesh (there is also a lake that he discovered that’s now named after his initials), he came across remote villages where the inhabitants lacked basic needs. That got him to start ‘Spreading Smiles’ – he carries goods that they would need – ranging from stationary for children, to blankets and torches for adults – and distributes them free of cost on his travels.

Ease India Travel partnered with him to spread smiles on his recent trip to Phugtal Monastery in Jammu & Kashmir where Saurabh also conducted a painting competition with child monks.

Facebook page:   Spreading Smiles