The Scotland of India

About Coorg

Amidst the crevices of the Western Ghats lies a magical land that has a culture and history the likes of which you’ll have never seen. Vivid images of royalty, vast tracts of greenery, the silence in the night as you gaze at the expanse of stars. These are what Coorg is, and so much more!

What’s so special about Coorg?

Located right in the Western Ghats, a wildlife hotspot
Rich culture of Kodavas that is found in their temples and festivals
Sumptuous Kodava food
Rich Arabica Coorg coffee
Home to Karnataka’s second tallest peak: Tadiyandamol

What you can do in Coorg


Coorg has quite a few treks that are a mix of easy to moderate. Some can become a bit more tricky during the monsoons. Tadiyandamol and Nishani Betta are the most popular.


Coorg is a part of the Western Ghats, an integral hotspot for all forms of wildlife. Birdwatching is one such activity that can be done with ease in Coorg, because the birds are all around you!


Because of its altitude and proximity to other towns, Coorg is an ideal astronomy location. One can see the Milky Way gently loom over on a dark summer night.

Coffee walks

Learn about one of the most integral components of Coorg. Go for a walk through a coffee plantation and discover the kind of work that goes into making that perfect cup.


Take part in the cultural extravaganzas like Puthari and Dasara. Revel in the merrymaking and discover what it really means to be a Kodava.


That’s right. Unwind, take a nap in a hammock because really, you’ll find Coorg the perfect place for such a thing. Away from urbania, only silence prevails in the many homestays dotted across the landscape.

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Rightly named ‘The Scotland of the East’, Coorg’s beauty never fails to enchant travellers. Known for its lush, rolling hills, vast stretches of greenery and an abundance of flora and fauna, Coorg is the perfect destination for those looking to get away from the mayhem of the city. If you are looking forward to truly soak in all that the town has to offer, make sure you don’t miss out on these top 5 experiences in Coorg.
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