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Bhutan, the Land of the Thunder Dragon, and India’s tiny Himalayan neighbour is emerging as a popular holiday destination for Indians. The country that has a long history of cooperation with India is considered exotic and fascinating by us. We share a long border with the country, and can virtually just drive in to explore it. All we need to do is show up at the border/fly in, make permits and travel.

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Druk Path Trek

5 Day Medium Trek in Bhutan

Amongst the better known treks in Bhutan is the Druk Path Trek which takes you from the city of Paro to the city of Thimphu. A trek that lasts 5 days meanders through some of the most outstanding and picturesque locales you will have seen. Read more to plan for the trek.

Yoga Travel

Originated in ancient India, Yoga is an accumulation of physical, mental and spiritual practices. Katha Upanishad defines yoga as “When the five senses, along with the mind, remain still and the intellect is not active, that is known as the highest state. They consider yoga to be firm restraint of the senses. Then one becomes un-distracted for yoga is the arising and the passing away.” Know more

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5 Reasons to travel to Bhutan with a Tour Operator

Bhutan, the Land of the Thunder Dragon, and India’s tiny Himalayan neighbour is emerging as a popular holiday destination for Indians. The country that has a long history of cooperation with India is considered exotic and fascinating by us. We share a long border with the country, and can virtually just drive in to explore it. Read more

Why WE travel…

It was two years ago that we began our tryst with sharing our wayfaring experiences with travelling aficionados.
The purpose then was to share our “experience” in its entirety – what we saw, what happened to us, what we made happen, what we faced and most of all, what we felt. Our posts reveal it all – the pitfalls, the lows as much as the highs and the practicality of the experience.
Read more

Landing at Paro: A Video of an expert landing

If you’re a visitor to Bhutan, chances are you will be flying one of the only two airlines that land at Paro International Airport.
We shot this clip aboard Bhutan Airlines, the only second airline to fly into Bhutan…
Watch the video to know why Bhutan is a hot destination on our site!
Read more

Penthangsay Trail

While Bumthang is famous as the religious and cultural heartland of Bhutan and there are several small and mild hikes that take you to monasteries, we wanted to go off the beaten track to try something new.
Pema Dawa the owner of our cosy hotel understood our lunacy for exploration and discovery and gave us directions for a lesser-known trail that would take us through the heart of the forest around Chummey. Read more

Bumthang – Gateway to East Bhutan

While Bhutan is a gorgeous country to explore, it’s the journeying from one place to another that can dishearten the most avid of travellers. We were on our second trip to the Land of the Thunder Dragon…
…and had become used to the idea of sitting in a vehicle for hours, on many dusty, under-construction and some gut wrenchingly narrow mountain roads, with impromptu halts at the ‘under construction’ road sites, where a little board would announce the closure of a road for a stipulated period of time. Read more

Paro Tshechu: Festival of Delight

When we began a small online promotional exercise for this website we soon realised that amongst the “not” so popular search words (or keywords as they are called in net lingo)for Bhutan were Bhutan Culture and Bhutan Festivals. Honestly, we were quite taken aback.  Bhutan is undoubtedly a beautiful nation blessed with Nature’s bounties that offerstourists every kind of possible experience. Read more

Bhutan: No Country for Backpackers

We have been reading many posts on the Internet from travellers (mostly Indian) who state that they have backpacked across Bhutan. We beg to differ. You can undertake a ‘budget’ trip but you cannot be a backpacker in Bhutan. Here’s Why…
1. A trip to Bhutan must begin with 100% planning: Visitors are required to plan well in advance and plan their itineraries so as …  Read more

The White Wagtail in Bhutan

Look at what our lens captured on the banks of the river near the Punakha Dzong on a warm afternoon in mid-March – The White Wagtail
We spoke to an avid birdwatcher friend from India, K B Singh who identified the bird and added, “This is the personata race of  the White Wagtail species. It breeds in summersalong the streams of the Himalaya. In winters they migrate south and can be commonly seen around waterbodies across most of India.” Read more

Hike to Tango Monastery in Bhutan

When you set off to discover the hidden treasures of Bhutan, its monasteries in particular, you will find that these monuments, some as old as 12th century, are located on mountain tops and hillsides inaccessible by any mode of transportation; only on foot.
Many of them are mild hikes, easily covered in under 4 hours, and offer some of the most spectacular views of the topography that has helped shape Bhutan’s unique culture. Read more

Wayfaring in Bhutan – The Legend of the Divine Madman

In a country where any sort of crassness – either in the clothes women wear, the language or behaviour of the youth, or any sort of display of intimacy between the sexes (the closest we saw were the hand holding pictures of the newly wed King with his drop dead gorgeous wife) – is non existent, imagine our surprise when we found hand drawn sketches and paintings of a phallus with a ribbon tied around it, on the walls of regular village homes. Read more

Endearing Bhutan: Meditation Hut & Free Tea

The unexpectedness of the gesture is what stumps you. At first (and we are ashamed to admit that in a typical Indian way,) we wonder WHY any one in their right mind would do it. But by the time we encountered this gesture, we were getting used to the inherent goodness that prevails in this Himalayan nation. Read more

Bhutan On Foot: Taktsang – A Hike to Harmony

Now here’s what is interesting – Monasteries all over Bhutan are not just these gargantuan structures built with solid stone, they are also located in some of the toughest terrains you could imagine. Or cannot imagine.
Cannot imagine, how a solid stone monastery was built on the edge of a cliff, 900 meters (3000 feet) above the valley (that is 7000 feet above sea level) way back in the 8thcentury. Read more

Bhutan Architecture and Slice of History – The Dzongs

Whether you find sight seeing in Bhutan exciting or insipid depends upon your expectation from the “sights” you’d like to see on a trip. If you’re looking to explore a new culture, a new and different way of life, discover the History of a nation that is interesting and intriguing, then Bhutan should figure as a “must-see” in your list of destinations. Read more

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