Think waterfalls. Think forests. Think caves. Think unique tribal culture. Think Bastar!

Bastar is located in the state of Chhattisgarh in central India, and its district headquarters is in Jagdalpur.

It is one of the most pristine and untouched regions of India! Don’t wait! Explore it now!!!

Top 10 Things to Do in Bastar region

Visit Teerathgarh, Mehndri Ghumar, Tamra Ghumar Waterfalls

Visit a Local Tribal Market

Climb to Dholkal Peak

Take a jeep safari and visit the caves in Kanger Valley National Park, Kotumsar Cave in particular

Visit a Village and spend time with a tribal family in their humble home

Visit Dantewada and see the memory pillars

Visit the temples of Barsoor

Visit India’s widest waterfall – Chitrakote

Buy Belmetal artefacts

Visit Danteshwari Temple

Fun Fact

Have you heard of Chapada? Bastar’s most famous import is the chutney made of red ants, yes, you read it right, RED ANTS, called Chapada! Do not forget to try it on your trip!

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Bewitching Bastar:
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What They Say

Is Bastar Safe?

We know that you may have this question on your mind as you read this segment of our website.

Yes, it is true that for many years, Bastar was under the dark cloud of naxal activities which have been contained by para military forces. Bastar is striving to rise above this era of violence, and tourism is being promoted by the state government as well.

Our founder Ritu who has recced the region several times, has this to say: “On my trip, I saw towns as normal as any Indian town – bustling markets, people heading to work, children going to schools, colleges, temples teeming with devotees, chai shops, dhabas – people living normal, everyday lives with the usual sets of problems. There was nothing alarming, fearful or treacherous about the entire region.

 Above all, I got the chance to see a State and its people trying to rise above the dark cloud of naxalism, an era of unprecedented violence, that has left its mark (some uninhabited and desolate villages etc.) but could not manage to rob them of their soul.

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Bastar is Safe!

17 year old Vrinda from the region speaks about her beautiful homeland!

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