…as promised, we’re back with the remaining half of ‘19 For 2019 India: The Far East’. Read on to know of more places that a travel enthusiast must definitely visit and experience.

Ukhrul (Manipur)

Ukhrul, headquarter of Ukhrul District, nestled at 5,453 ft above sea level, is the highest hill station in Manipur. If greenery is something that has always attracted you, Ukhrul is the town you must visit; waterfalls, caves, peaks dot the topography of Ukhrul all of which truly help it to live up to its other name, the Green Town. Far away from the towering, congested buildings is this small, tucked away, almost heaven-like town, popular for its festivities which attracts tourists through the year. The chief festivals include Luira (seed sowing festival), Mangkhap (resting feast), and Thareo (harvest festival).

Here are a few nearby places one must check out if visiting Ukhrul:

  • Khayang Peak
  • Nillai Tea Estate
  • Kachauphung Lake
  • Shirui Kashung Peak
  • Duncan Park
  • Ango Ching

Tamenglong (Manipur)

Situated in the west of Manipur, Tamenglong is a beautiful district of Manipur which is covered by valleys and ranges that are a feast to the body, mind & soul, a perfect balance of natural and cultural diversity. One gets the opportunity to enter the home of the rare orchids, virgin forests, rare species of birds and animals.The town is even described as the biodiversity hub as it has a variety of exotic and rare species of birds and animals.

Here are a few nearby places one must check out if visiting Tamenglong:

  • Barak Waterfall
  • Zeilad Lake
  • Tharon Cave
  • Buning Meadow

Jorhat (Assam)

Jorhat is famously known as the ‘Tea capital of the world’, home to the largest Tea research station and is also the Tea Capital of India. Inhabited by the people of different cultures, Jorhat has intriguing history to tell; it was the last capital of Ahom dynasty, which reigned in Assam for more than six centuries. Jorhat is also best known to be a profiting commercial centre, both for tea production and its jewelry making industry; the vibrant and colorful tradition is reflected well on its art of jewelry making. Pleasant views and the bustling corporate activities of this commercial spot in Assam would surely highlight the culture at its best.

Here are a few nearby places one must check out if visiting Jorhat:

  • Gibbon Wilflife Sanctuary
  • Thengal Manor
  • Molai Forest
  • Bangal Pukhuri
  • Kakochange Waterfall

Sivasagar (Assam)

One of the holistic towns, Sivasagar (formally Sibsagar) is located in the upper ranges of Assam. Tourism in Sivasagar is popular for its Ahom monuments and palaces which are a work of excellence. This city is surrounded by the Dehing rainforest, where the Dihing (Brahmaputra) and Lohit rivers meet, and is circled by a blissful ambience and graceful hills.

Here are a few nearby places one must check out if visiting Sivasagar:

  • Sivasagar Tai Museum
  • Pani Dihing Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Rudrasagar
  • Talatal Ghar

Majuli (Assam)

Majuli, called the ‘cultural capital of Assam’, is the biggest river island in the world which is located on the Brahmaputra River in the state of Assam. It is located about 20 kms from Jorhat; a natural oasis full of nature, wildlife and untouched villages. The island preserves a lot of its heritage through Satras which are home to traditional religious practices, art, literature, dancing and theatre.

Here are a few nearby places one must check out if visiting Majuli:

  • Dakhinpat Satra
  • Kamalabari Satra
  • Garamurh Satra

Ambassa (Tripura)

Ambassa is the headquarters of the Dhalai district of Tripura, it is a place lined with natural landscapes comprising of hills and forests, temples, lakes. The picturesque surroundings that attracts tourists who visit here for a day or two to relax and rejuvenate. Made up of dense jungles with thick green cover it is also a huge treasure house of affluent natural resources. Ambassa is also a markable destination from pilgrimage point of view.

Here are a few nearby places one must check out if visiting Ambassa:

  • Longtharai Mandir
  • Gumti Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Kamaleswari Mandir

Udaipur (Tripura)

In the southern part of Tripura lies a small hamlet of Udaipur (formerly Rangamati) ‘the lake town of Tripura’ which is not known among many travellers. This town, which shares its name with the more popular destination in Rajasthan, is very different from the desert city in the west and has unfortunately lost its prominence over time. Udaipur is known for its many temples. Devotees come thronging to the temple city to worship the local goddess, Tripura Sundari and many other deities.

Here are a few nearby places one must check out if visiting Udaipur:

  • Tripura Sundari Temple
  • Kalyan Sagar
  • Nazrul Granthagar

Agartala (Tripura)

In this city, recreation, adventure and culture all come together. Abundantly blessed with a forest cover adding to the charm, the rich flora and fauna adds to the flavour of the city making Agartala tourism interesting. Although a state capital, Agartala is a laid back city. Here, you will not be welcomed by the hustle bustle that one usually associates with a big city. The serene environment, the calm atmosphere, all sum up to a perfect holiday amidst culture and nature.

Here are a few nearby places one must check out if visiting Agartala:

  • Ujjayanta Palace
  • Neermahal
  • Rabindra Kanan
  • Jagannath Temple
  • Maharaja Bir Bikram College

Hope you enjoyed reading this segment of the ‘19 for 2019’ series. Next weekend will be back with the 2nd segment ‘19 For 2019 India: Eastern Delights’.

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