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Blissful Bhutan 2018!

Yes, we will help our guests cover the sights that the beautiful country has to offer – its majestic Dzongs (Fortresses), its monasteries and the hikes that lead us to these mammoth structures (Hike to Taktsang); experiment with Bhutanese cuisine and the chilled life. visit the museums to learn about their historic past, their rich heritage and the Buddhism they follow; and leave them with more than enough opportunity to shop!
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Bhutan on a Bullet!

ExperienceTravel of the biker kind! In this edition of Ease India Travel’s Bhutan tours, you’ll be handed a Royal Enfield Bullet 500cc cruiser motorbike. Take part in this 1-week adventure in the land of happiness with EIT and explore the vast mountains, the royal monasteries and so much more!
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Couple’s Getaway to Bhutan!

If you are a person that loves to turn and look at the face of your loved one, the smile that adorns it, their eyes and how they crinkle in excitement and triumph, then this is the perfect destination for you. Bhutan, with its numerous hikes and treks, provides the exhilaration that everyone needs in their life.
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Treks / Hikes

We are lovers of exploration by foot, of scaling peaks with the vigour that the mighty mountains demand, of discovering a monastery or temple hidden behind a mountain range and of testing the levels of our endurance. What we discover along the way are the bonus; tiny rivulets with pristine water, streams that flow abashedly, wildly blooming flowers, We are experts at planning itineraries that include treks, hikes and trails to the Sahyadris and the Himalayas.

Bike Tripping

One of the finest ways to see the beautiful Indian landscape is on a motorbike. We recommend it highly to those who can sustain long rides (sore knees and backs), the often bad roads and dusty highways, and the burning Sun for most parts of the year. Let us help you plan a Bike Trip to Lahaul/Spiti, Kangra/Chamba Valleys, Leh/Ladakh, Kerala, Goa and Bhutan.


Pitching a tent, lighting up a barbeque, changing under the moonlight, shivering in your socks, curling up in a sleeping bag, peeing behind a boulder…..the wilderness is where you experience the real adventure of a camping trip.

Road Tripping

We TraveLusts are hardcore Road Trippers. Every aspect of a trip that takes us winding down India’s highways, as we manoeuvre our 4WDs is exciting to us. Road trips in India offer so much more than the view of the road and the landscape alongside. We will gladly help you plan your road trip to any part of India and Bhutan.

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