We TraveLusts are hardcore Road Trippers. Every aspect of a trip that takes us winding down India’s highways, as we manoeuvre our 4WDs is exciting to us.
The jungle halts looking for a place to take a leak, the flat tyres in an area where the next tyre repair shop is 150kms away, the lack of roads in some of the most remote parts of our gorgeous country, the impromptu halts to capture a cloudy sky, a moving train or a grand sunset…
Road trips in India offer so much more than the view of the road and the landscape alongside. We will gladly help you plan your road trip to any part of India and Bhutan.


One of the finest ways to see the beautiful Indian landscape is on a motorbike. We recommend it highly to those who can sustain long rides (sore knees and backs), the often bad roads and dusty highways, and the burning Sun for most parts of the year.What you get in return are breathtaking scenes of Nature’s bounty, the chance to witness the flurry of life on India’s village roads, the wind in your hair and the gloriousness of a journey that will matter to you much more than your destination.
Let us help you plan a Bike Trip to Lahaul/Spiti, Kangra/Chamba Valleys, Leh/Ladakh, Kerala, Goa and Bhutan.


Pitching a tent, lighting up a barbeque, changing under the moonlight, shivering in your socks, curling up in a sleeping bag, peeing behind a boulder…..the wilderness is where you experience the real adventure of a camping trip.
TraveLusts are adventure buffs who enjoy the whole gamut of experience of a camping trip; the tin food, the rationing of water, the loading of ponies and the setting up of your own shack for the night.
To join us on one of our trips in Himachal or Bhutan, all you have to do is tell us!


If there is a finer way of exploring the grandiose mountain ranges that dot our country than treks, hikes and trails, we don’t know about it (and honestly, we wouldn’t even recommend it).
We are lovers of exploration by foot, of scaling peaks with the vigour that the mighty mountains demand, of discovering a monastery or temple hidden behind a mountain range and of testing the levels of our endurance.
We are experts at planning itineraries that include treks, hikes and trails to the Sahyadris and the Himalayas.


It’s only when we hear silence speak that we realise what we’re missing in our concrete jungles!
Wandering about in the wilderness, where leaves rustle in the wind, where clouds travel aimlessly but artistically, where you can walk under a canopy of trees, sheltered from the Sun or the rain, and the clarion call of a cuckoo is accompanying music, where you can chill a wine in a river and sip it afterwards as you read a book, or stare at the blue sky, a place where you can rest your spirit because nothing really matters, expect for you and the moment, it is in such a surrounding that you can gain absolute freedom.
To find places that proffer us the opportunity to ‘be’ is only of your key skills. Just write to us to help you find your own little Utopia.


What would you call a sassy, clean, creative, exotic and reasonable hotel? A HOT Hideout!

Our HOT Hideouts are usually small, quaint, family or individual-run places that offer a tourist so much more than just accommodation. Click on the photos to discover a HOT Hideout!

Hotel Fort House: Rusticity on the Backwaters

When you learn about the history of this quaint property located in an old corner of perhaps the oldest part of Cochin, (or Kochi as it is now known), you would know that although the property is almost eighteen years old, ‘old’ is merely an appellation best used to describe its charm and rusticity.

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Atman: An Eco-Habitat in Goa

Atman is an “Eco-friendly Habitat” run with all their love by Michela and her husband. Located on the last stretch of Arambol beach (Harmal beach to locals) in North Goa (next door to the famous Surf Club), the dwelling comprises Tree huts, an Italian restaurant, a boutique and an Art gallery.

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